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Do You Really Want to Take a Chance With One Of Your Biggest Investments? Hire a Professional!

Posted on by gailpopp

Do You Really Want to Take a Chance With One Of Your Biggest Investments?  Hire a Professional!

Let your experience begin with mine, isn’t just a tagline it is the path to success in purchasing your next home.  My commitment to you as a top real estate professional is that I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk.  If, as a buyer, you choose not to sign a Buyer Agency contract with me, I am an agent of the seller.  I must be fair and honest with both parties. I can show you homes and write an offer, but I cannot give you advice as a Buyer’s Agent can.  If you hire me to be your Buyer’s Agent, I represent YOU, and you get the benefit of my professional advice.  Being an experienced Realtor, I am aware of current market conditions.  I also know what homes are available and some that may not be listed yet. I make it a priority to sit down with you and get to know you and your needs so I can guide you to the properties that best suit you.  I don’t waste your time previewing homes that don’t match your wants/needs or are more expensive than the investment you want to make.  When it is time to write an offer, contracts are my specialty.  My knowledge and negotiating skills are unmatched.  When your offer is accepted I continue to keep you on track with any contingencies and deadlines.  It is a team effort and I will be your coach all the way through closing.  When your transaction closes and you begin to make this house your home, I am only a phone call or email away if any questions should arise.  Experience counts…hire the best!

In addition, some examples on how to best work with your agent are described in an article by Blanche Evans, “Buyer’s Advice: Hire Your Own Professional”

Here are some tips on how to work with your own agent:

* If you want great service, show appreciation and commitment. Get prequalified with a lender by sharing your financial records so you know exactly how much home you can buy.

* Work with only one agent. If it’s customary in your area, sign a buyer’s representation agreement.

* Stay in contact. If you want to look at open houses or builder homes, invite your agent to come along. If she’s not available, show your loyalty by telling the salespeople you meet that you are already represented.

* Don’t hide pertinent information from your agent, or she will be in the dark about key issues that could impact your transaction negatively.

To read the entire article click on the following link


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