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Category Archives: Location Information

PUD (Planned Unit Development) vs. CONDOMINIUM…What is the difference?

Posted on by gailpopp

Most of us have heard of condominiums and understand the basic concept: you own everything within the interior walls and everything else is common and part of the condominium association. But have you ever heard of a PUD? This is a Planned Unit Development and there is only one PUD in the Fox Cities; Lake […]

Getting To Know The Fox Cities, WI

Posted on by Gail Popp

A Refreshing Change of Pace Nineteen communities along the Fox River make up the Fox Cities, one of Wisconsin’s fastest growing areas with more than 236,000 residents. A unique mixture of urban style and small town warmth make the Fox Cities a great place to meet, play, shop and stay. Rejuvenated downtowns, thriving industry, and […]